About us

We have always had a foot on the North Shore...

How we got here: Dating back to 1997 when Damon and Jennifer first met in Tofte, Minnesota we knew this area would be a pillar of our life and home. "The Shore" offered us a sense of calm and beauty where we could retreat from the complexities of life. In 1999 we made this area a permanent part of our lives by purchasing the land where the Baptism River Cabins now reside. Shortly after we bought the cabin we had been renting, moved it to the land and this is still our main residence on the property. We expanded our family with the additions of Autumn Brooke Greene in 2007 and Ashton Beck Greene in 2010.

The Cabins: In 2015 we decided to purchase additional cabins from a local resort. This involved moving them to the property and doing extensive remodeling. Our objective was to keep key characteristics of the cabins and later named them after our two children.

Local Activities: It is difficult for us to decide what we like best about the area on the North Shore. We love the Superior Hiking Trail, spending time on the Baptism River swimming and relaxing. On a rainy day our favorite pastime is a visit to the Tettegouche State Park Office learning about wildlife, educating ourselves about nature and watching the waves roll off of Lake Superior. Saturdays bring our weekly 20-mile road trip through the Finland State Forest to the Trestle Inn for "Rib Night." When friends and family visit we take them to the nearby summit of Palisade Head for stunning vistas of Lake Superior while taking in the surrounding forest and Sawtooth Mountains.

We hope you enjoy your time on the North Shore and wishing you the best in your travels.


Damon and Jennifer Greene